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2008--exploring with my film SLR and polariod camera.

2008--exploring with my film SLR and polariod camera.

My Background

I got my first camera, a film SLR, in 2008. Eager to learn, I took a few classes at Bellevue College and quickly found my happy place in the darkroom processing my photos. In 2010, while studying literature at Western Washington University, I started experimenting with digital photography. I went on to get my Masters in Teaching, and photography remained a hobby during my short stint as a public school teacher. In 2015 I closed the door to classroom opened up my business, Celina Meza Photography. 

Since then I’ve found my artistic voice, nailed down my signature style with consistency, and have grown a business I am proud of.  I am not perfect, am still learning, and hope to always be. I’ve cherished my connections with other photographers and credit my relationship with other artists in the community for much of my growth. So now I want to contribute by sharing what I've learned. And truth be told, I miss teaching, and am excited with every opportunity I get to teach again. 

It’s exciting to merge my love for education with my love for photography by offering private photography lessons and one-on-one mentor sessions. Whether you just unboxed your first camera or have been shooting for years, I’m eager to help you refine your craft, find your artistic voice, and define your own style. 


Photography 101

4 hours over 4 weeks

You just got your first camera, now what? This series of private instruction is perfect for someone at square one. Maybe you’ve taken great photos with your iPhone, or were inspired last time you had your portraits done. Maybe you just want to try something new. We’ll meet for an hour each week over the course of the month to get you going. In person and with weekly assignments, we’ll cover:

Getting to know your camera--what do all those buttons do?
The mechanics of taking a photo--how does the magic happen?
The art of creating a photo--composition + light! 
Editing basics--a brief intro to lightroom & editing considerations.
Finding your style & creating meaningful imagery--the good stuff.

You’ll need:
A digital SLR camera
Memory card
Laptop & Lightroom optional


1-on-1 Mentoring

1.5 Hour

You feel like you are on the threshold of your art, and want a little bit of feedback and conversation to push you forward. In a Q&A style mentor session we can meet for coffee or a drink (or a skype date if you aren’t local to Bellingham) and have a good conversation about photography--where you are at, where you want to go, my two cents about how you can get there, and anything you want to know about how I do things. I am an open book! Our conversation can cover topics like: equipment preferences,
shooting & editing advice,
business things,
portfolio review,
finding your style,
finding your confidence,
anything else.  

For more in depth learning let’s schedule several sessions custom tailored towards your needs. 



What's in my bag?


2 Canon 5D MarkIII
35mm 1.4
50mm 1.2
85mm 1.8
135mm 1.8
580EX-II Speedlight Flash
Holdfast Moneymaker
Billingham Hadly Pro Bag (for personal/city shoots)
Langly Multi-Camera Bag (for wedding & travel)


what’s on my computer?


15in Macbook Pro
Culling: Photo mechanic
Editing: Adobe Lightroom
Albums: Album Stomp
Social media: Later App
Website: Squarespace
General office: Google Suite
Client management: Honeybook (get it 50% off here)

For more info and to schedule a Photography 101 or mentor session, get in touch!