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what type of portrait sessions do you offer?




I photograph couples for engagements, anniversaries, new homes, or just because. Whether we shoot at home, your favorite cafe, or go on a hike, I’m all about capturing the connection that you already have.




Graduating high school and college is a BIG deal! Celebrate your accomplishment and mark this chapter in your life with a portrait session. We’ll go somewhere meaningful to you, make it fun, and keep it real.



I also work with families who want to document their family in action with a lifestyle session. A departure for stiff jc penny photos, these sessions aim to feel relaxed and capture the personality of your family, wiggles and all.

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 Bellingham Wedding Photographer

Will we be a good match?

If you want to treat your portrait session like an event--a date or family field trip--rather than one more thing to tick of the to-do list, we’ll be a good match.

If you want a photographer who will be calm, present, and let you be you, we’ll be a good match.

If you want photos that tell a story about who you are and not just what you look like, we’ll be a good match.

If you have taken the time to look through the photos on my website and like the general style, we’ll be a good match.

If you believe that photography is a good investment to document your love, your family, as you are today to look back on for years to come, we’ll be a good match.

What if I am awkward?

Most people feel awkward in front of the camera if they aren’t professional models! I’ll give you tips to prepare so that you come to the session feeling less awkward already, and guide you through the session to help you feel comfortable.

All I need is your willingness to be yourself. You don’t need to worry about being perfect-- these sessions are about capturing your unique dynamics, and I will guide you through. As long as you are focus on interacting with your partner/family you will do great.

What if it rains?

I’ll take your lead. I don’t mind shooting in crazy weather. In fact it can make for some really cool photos! But if you are going to be cold, uncomfortable, or worried, that will affect the photos. We can reschedule within a month of the original date, or opt for an indoor location.


What can I expect working with you?

What can I expect working with you?

I will be a friend, and care about you. You are more than a client, and I want to know you and your story so that I can best represent it with photography.

Before our session I can suggest locations, help you decide on outfits, and give you plenty of tips to prepare.

During our session I will set you up in a place where the backdrop and light make sense, guide you with some cues, and give you space to be yourself. There will be moments when we will be talking and not shooting at all. Then there will be moments when your natural interaction shines and I step back and shoot without saying much. But I will always be present and make sure you know what to expect.


What is your shooting style?

I lean towards a documentary style, using minimal equipment, natural light.

I’ll guide you with some cues and give you space to be yourself. I’ll be present and anticipate the moments that will make great photos. Perhaps a little less structured than other portraits you’ve done, but I promise you’ll feel comfortable and we’ll get great photos.

What is your editing style?

The timeless tones and nostalgic feel of film heavily influence my editing style. I don't do much retouching. We all have self-critiques, I get it. But our bodies, age, and seeming imperfections are all a part of our stories. So let's choose to embrace who we are and appreciate our bodies as part of our story.

 Bellingham Wedding Photographer

Do you offer prints, albums, usbs, or other products?

Sure do! Custom photo books, heirloom albums, classic prints, wood usbs, canvases, all the good stuff. For more information on pricing and ordering, shoot me an email.

Where are you based & do you travel?

I am based in Bellingham, WA, a super cool town about 90 miles north of Seattle. I serve local and visiting couples here. But if my work resonates with you but you aren't local, let’s chat and see if we are a good fit. I’m happy to travel for the right clients.

What are your rates?

Portrait Sessions start at $400. Location, hours of coverage, and preferred products all influence the price of your custom package. Please get in touch for more info!