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Wedding photography is a big investment, and you have a ton of photographers to choose from. So why not make sure you find the perfect match? Here’s a bit about my perspective & what you can expect working together.

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First things first…


your wedding is about you.

Getting married is about your partnership, your family & friends, and having a good time. It doesn’t have to be conventional, stressful, or performative. Do it your way and enjoy the experience!



photography is a good investment.

Wedding photos are your souvenir. The day will end but your photos will last a lifetime as a symbol of your love to remind you that out of billions of people you chose each other, and that is pretty amazing.


What can I expect working with you?

I will be helpful all along the way. Over the years I’ve come up with planning tips and guides that I’ll share to help you get the details in place ahead of time so you can enjoy the day when it comes.

I will be a friend, and care about you. I may shoot several weddings a year, but you only get married once—the gravity of that is not lost on me. I’ll show up for you.

I’ll guide you through portraits, giving you cues and support. I’ll get the details you worked so hard to put together. And the rest of the day I will step back and shoot documentary style, actively anticipating the moments that you will want to remember.

After the wedding I will hand-edit each photo, and deliver them to you in a timely manner. And if you want prints, photo books, albums, canvases or any other products I got you!

Will we be a good match?

If you are more interested in having fun at your wedding than directing a big production, we’ll be a good match.

If you want a photographer who will be calm, laid back, and ready to help where needed, we’ll be a good match.

If you care about the in-between and unscripted photos as much as the detail shots and formal portraits, we’ll be a good match.

If you have taken the time to look through the photos on my website and like the general tones and style, we’ll be a good match.

If you believe that wedding photography is a worthwhile investment as a souvenir, a symbol of your love, heartfelt art, and a family heirloom, then we will be a good match.


what is your shooting style?

I lean towards a documentary style, using minimal equipment, natural light, and anticipating the right moments that tell a story and represent more than how you look--but how you feel.

what is your editing style?

The timeless tones and nostalgic feel of film heavily influence my editing style. I don't do much retouching. We all have self-critiques, I get it. But our bodies, age, and seeming imperfections are all a part of our stories. So let's choose to embrace who we are and appreciate our bodies as part of our story

do you offer prints, albums, usbs, or other products?

Sure do! Custom photo books, heirloom albums, classic prints, wood usbs, canvases, all the good stuff. For more information on pricing and ordering, shoot me an email.


where are you based & do you travel?

I am based in Bellingham, WA, a super cool town about 90 miles north of Seattle. I serve local and visiting couples here. But if my work resonates with you but you aren't local, let’s chat and see if we are a good fit. I’m happy to travel for the right clients.

what are your rates?

Elopements average $1300, and full weddings average $3,600.

Location, hours, and products all influence price. Please send me an inquiry for more info.

 Bellingham Wedding Photographer


First, send me an inquiry on my contact page. Then I love to meet with couples before booking to get to know you, talk about the details, and help you decide on your photo needs. From there a 50% retainer and signed contract will get you booked!


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